Boost Your Bust Review -Jenny Bolton’s Natural Breast Enlargement Method

Jenny Bolton’s Boost Your Bust guide is a downloadable eBook that walks the reader through a step-by-step system for women to get bigger breasts at home by using 100% natural breast enhancement strategies.

Applying these techniques properly will lead to some pretty impressive results, giving you sexier, firmer and bigger breasts through the use of the so-called “magic formula”. This is a combination of hormone optimizations, chest enhancing exercises, dietary changes and massage techniques that involve the use of home-made breast enlargement cream and a variety of herbs.

But does it really work? Do I have to have surgical implants to make my breasts bigger?

Although the results differ from person to person and they can be influenced by a range of factors, the majority of women that routinely use Bolton’s techniques will see a very noticeable boost to their breast size. Most will see an increase of about 1/4? to 1/2? each month. Please bear in mind that you can’t expect surgery-like increases to your cup size – there are so many Boost Your Bust reviews out there that seem to think that this is a reasonable expectation. The book mentions how most people will achieve their goal(generally an increase of 1-2 cup sizes) within just a six month time frame.

With that being said, natural breast enlargement is something that you should pace yourself with – don’t rush! It’s not ever going to be as easy as swallowing some herbal supplements, applying some cream to your boobs and waking up with a 34D cup size. Time is an essential factor in your body’s growth, so if what you’re after is huge breasts by the end of next week, this eBook isn’t going to be ideal for you and the only option that’s really suitable would be surgery. Although some Boost Your Bust reviews seem to suggest that you should be able to grow your boobs dramatically within a couple of days, this simply isn’t true in the real world.

Everything that you’ll find Jenny Bolton’s eBook is backed up by real scientific research about the breasts’ design and what causes them to grow, and, very importantly, how you can increase their size when you aren’t in your growth stage.

The use of the detailed techniques allows you breasts to grow bigger over time and is sure to make a bunch of ladies out there very sexy, confident and feminine. Although ridiculous size increases can’t be expected, you can certainly expect a size increase of between one and two cup sizes. That’s a dramatic boost and will be sure to serve as a massive adrenaline rush for our confidence. We’ve got to stop feeling as if we aren’t feminine enough or, worse, that we aren’t good enough!

While natural breast enlargement can initially come off as a bit crazy, it doesn’t differ too much from toning your muscles by working out. It’s all down to knowing exactly what you should be doing and how do to it, which is where Bolton’s Boost Your Bust really excels.

We’ve all got our own reasons for desiring bigger breasts. Perhaps it’s important for you to increase your confidence. Maybe you’d like to attract more men. Maybe you’ve had enough of people teasing you.

Maybe you’d just like to look better in your favorite dress. Whatever the case, if you’ve had enough of feeling like “less of a woman” and you don’t fancy going through the potential hazards and expenses involved with surgery, Boost Your Bust is one of the best options you’ve got. This is definitely one worth trying out and there’s plenty of really positive Boost Your Bust reviews out there that would suggest these techniques are working for so many women around the globe.


Boost Your Bust book is one of the most popular and effective breast enhancement guides available on the internet created by Jenny Bolton, a known medical researcher who has researched on it over 10 years. It includes step by step instruction for increasing the breast size by 100% natural techniques, it doesn’t include any pills or surgery. This 57 page eBook includes all Boost your Bust secrets with detailed information.

Boost Your Bust Secrets: Exactly What Is It?
Unlike most of the breast enlargement guides that will teach you to boost the level of estrogen in your body, this detailed guide focuses on controlling the hormone that is responsible to suppress the estrogen and breast growth. According to Jenny Bolten with the help of Boost Your Bust book you will be able to get B Cup from A Cup within 4-6 weeks only. It consists of several guidelines and recipes that makes it completely easy to follow system that will work for everyone.

In addition to this there are lots of things that lies behind the Boost Your Bust secrets, you will also learn to make your own herbal breast enlargement cream that will cost you far less than any good breast enhancement products available in the market. This cream also helps to speed up the process and since its made from natural ingredients so you will not have to worry about the side effects.
With Boost Your Bust book you will also get an additional exercise guide, that will show you a special breast massage technique to stimulate the growth hormone in your breast. It may sound little unusual but you will get the result over the period of time.

One of the best things about this Boost Your Bust book is that Jenny Bolton has also provided a guide for dressing that will increase your breast size. It is the most underrated fact that you can make your breast look bigger with proper dressing. So this is something you would like to know for sure.

Boost Your Bust Review: The Pros And Cons
Before we come to any conclusion about any product, we always need to evaluate all pros and cons of them and then decide if the product is best for us or not. So here are all the pros and cons of Boost Your Bust book, once you know all these things it will be easy for you to decide if it is right for you or not.

The Pros:

  • Informative and Comprehensive Guide: The author Jenny Bolton has provided the Boost Your Bust secrets in very instructive and detailed way. The step by step instructions are very easy to follow.
  • Completely Natural, Safe, and Cheaper Techniques: This book consists of completely natural techniques for breast enlargement that will not cost as the surgery may have cost you neither you need harmful and unnecessary pills. So in short it is money saving and completely safe way to enlarge your breast.
  • Lots of Added Useful Bonus: This book comes with lots of informative and useful bonuses like special breast enhancement massage, recipe for breast enlargement cream, correct diet plan for the growth of breast. All these are very useful and helps to speed up the process and the homemade cream will also save you lots of money.

The Cons:

  • Takes More Time Than Surgery: Since it uses the natural techniques no surgery involved it will take some time before you will be able to see some improvements.
  • Hard Copy is Not Available: It is something that most of you will not like. They don’t prove any hard copy of the guide.
  • Boost Your Bust: The Bottom Line:Overall Boost Your Bust book is great, informative and definitely effective ebook that, every woman who wants to increase their breast size without any surgery and side effects will find useful.

You don’t need to sit around, desperately dreaming of bigger breasts any longer. Surgery is no longer the only option when you have a selection of powerful, all-natural solutions and techniques that will get you the cup size boost you’ve always dreamed of – without going under the knife! Click here to download boost your bust ebook now.


Almost every women dream of having sexier, shaped and beautiful set of breasts, not all of them are deprived of this desire because of various reasons, it can be wrong food practice, lack of exercise, or genetic problem. But there is always a way for every problem you can achieve breast enhancement by various means but not all women doesn’t prefer the surgery or the pills, for them there are some exercise to increase breast size. These exercised works great and provide bigger, sexier and well shaped breast naturally without using any pills.


There are lots of facts that come and go about breast enhancement, and most of the women find it very hard to believe that other treatments like exercises really work. Surgery is considered as the most quick and effective way to get bigger bust. But it is true that there are lots of exercise to increase breast size and they really do work.

Breasts are made up of simple fatty tissues and glands and the muscles that hold them in place. So it is very simple that by strengthening the breast muscles you will be able to increase the appearance, size and lift of the breast. There are some simple exercise to increase breast size that works great and we are going to show you exactly how you will be able to perform it.


  • Lying Dumbbell Press:This is a great exercise to shape up the chest for both men and women. Setup for the exercise is very simple as shown in image below, set up a set of dumbbells at the end of bench, sit down on a bench and lift the dumbbells with natural grip palm facing in, lift it and position it on your thigh and then lie down. Now you will be in the position to start the exercise. Laying back on the bench bring the dumbbells straight up above your chest, now lower the dumbbell slowly as far as you can comfortably (the handles should be at the level of your chest). Take a small pause here, contract the chest then push it back up slowly. Don’t lock your elbow out, and repeat these steps. Do it in a set of few repetitions each.
  • Dumbbell Flys: Get a set of dumbbells and lay back on a bench, holding the dumbbells with a natural grip extend your arms out. Keep your feet on the floor for the balance and then bend your arm a little bit, it would be the starting position of the exercise. Now lower your dumbbells slowly out to your sides in a semi circle. Keep your arms bent and rotate your shoulders only. When the dumbbell gets to the level of your chest, you need to squeeze the breast muscle then raise the dumbbell back using the same path-of-motion. Repeat this for the desired reps, do not let the dumbbells touch each other during the exercise.
  • Dumbbell Pullovers: This exercise is similar to the bent-arm-barbell pullover, only difference is that instead of barbell you will be using dumbbells here. Lie on the bench facing up, start by holding the dumbbells above your breast and keep your elbow slightly bent. Now lower the dumbbell back slowly and stretch your arms back behind your head. During this exercise the dumbbell and your arm will go above/behind your head and then drop down the bench and it will give you great stretch. Finally, return your arm to the starting position and keep your elbow locked in starting position.

The strengthening and toning exercises for your arms, pectorals, abdominal muscles, and shoulder works great for enhancing breast. All these simple exercise to increase breast size will take some time to deliver the result but the end result will be larger and perfectly shaped breasts.